Church of Nyskoga

A beautiful white-painted wooden church in the land of the Forest Finns.
The church of Nyskoga lies ca 45 km north of Torsby. When it was finished in 1927, it replaced an older church dating from the late 19th century which had room for 600 people. Nyskoga formed its own parish at the same time. It was renovated on the inside and the outside in the year 2000.

The church has a intimate atmosphere. The altarpiece by Olle Hjortzberg shows the suffering Christ, crowned with thorns. The church hall is built together with the church. Here you will find an exhibition about the history of the Forest Finns, amongst others showing documents about the life of the last Forest Finn in the region, Vilhelm. The last wanderer of the Finn Forest, Niitaho-Jussi, is buried on the cemetery.

There is a church service on every fourth Sunday of the month, as well as on the major religious holidays.
Övre Älvdals församling
Långav 24
680 60 Sysslebäck
+46 56441125
Nyskoga kyrka
Nyskoga 959
685 94 Torsby
Municipality: Torsby
Kyrka i Nyskoga.
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