Hembygdsgården Kollsberg, Torsby

At the homestead museum of Kollsberg in Torsby, you can experience the way people lived in earlier times and enjoy the views of Lake Fryken.
The homestead museum of Kollsberg is beautifully located at the northern end of Lake Fryken, in the centre of Torsby. It offers a large collection of historical wooden buildings from the area, such as old Swedish farmhouses, a Finnish smoke house, a Finnish sauna, an old country store and a schoolhouse. There is an amphiteatre where theatre performances are held occasionally.

The museum is open for visiting and guided tours during the summer and on special occasions and holidays during the rest of the year.
In the summer, you can also enjoy a coffee or drink inside or outside, with pastries, waffles or the traditional regional dish "motti & fläsk" (roasted oatmeal with bacon and lingonberry jam).
Opening hours
Open Summer 2018 from 10 June - 18 August, 12.00-15.00 every day.
Hembygdsgården Kollsberg
Levgrensvägen 36
685 30 Torsby
Municipality: Torsby
Per Eriksson
Hembygdsgård med flera gamla hus bland annat finsk rökstuga, finsk bastu, smedbostad från Torsby bruk, skolsal och lanthandel.
Skyltat från centrala Torsby.
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