Norra Finnskoga church in Höljes

Norra Finnskoga church is the youngest church in the parish. It was built in 1969, only one year after the old church burnt to the ground.
The church was designed by architect Lars Erik Havstad. It replaced a wooden church dating from the 1830s, which burnt to the ground during renovation works in 1968.

The pitched roof is the dominating structure of the new church. It is copper clad and constructed with supporting wooden beams. The interior is furnished with pinewood panels and the floor is laid with limestone from Gotland. The wooden church has a spacious and bright atmosphere which is much appreciated. Windows run along the whole facade. The light decreases upwards and helps emphasize the spaciousness of the church.

The altar, pulpit and baptismal font were designed by the architect. The altarpiece and the windows in the choir were both saved from the fire. The altarpiece dates from 1935 and shows Christ's crucifixion. It was made by the artist Thor Fagerqvist, who also created the choir windows. The altarpiece was later supplemented with a cross made by Heinz Decker.
Övre Älvdals församling
Långav 24
680 60 Sysslebäck
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Norra Finnskoga kyrka
Solrosvägen 4
680 65 Höljes
Municipality: Torsby
Kyrka i Höljes.
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