Norra Ny church, Stöllet

Norra Ny church in Stöllet is one of the oldest wooden churches in the municipality of Torsby.
Norra Ny church was built in 1763-1764 as a replacement for the medieval wooden church. It is the oldest church in Övre Älvdal.

During an archeological investigation in 1945, the foundations of the medieval church were found near Kyrkebol. The present church is located ca 2 km to the north of the old church. It was built in the 1760s as a rectangular longhouse, and its design is typical for wooden churches in the 17th and 18th centuries. The spire was added during a restauration in 1924, but was inspired by the original version. The interior dates partly from the years of restauration in the 1920s, amongst others the painting of the vaults. Several medieval items have been preserved, including the font, the St. Olaf Image, the Mary cabinet and the altar piece.
Övre Älvdals församling
Långav 24
680 60 Sysslebäck
+46 56441125
Norra Ny church
Södra Stöllet 10
680 51 Stöllet
Municipality: Torsby
The church in Stöllet.
Located next to Road 62 i Stöllet.
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