Bo Vilson

Bovilgården – a fascinating atist's home that shows the lifework of the master illustrator Bovil.
Signed by  Bovil: Bo Vilson was a profilic artist. His home in Utterbyn, Torsby, tells of a versatile and imaginative artist. Bovilgården was declared a heritage site in 2011. 

Bo Vilson, 1910-1949, illustrated many comic strips that ran national in different magazines, such as "Tusen och en natt" in Vecko-revyn, "Harald Handfaste" and "Sinuhe the Egyptian" in Året Runt and "Fältskärns berättelser" in Levande Livet. He illustrated book covers, posters, beautiful postcards and advertisements, and also painted pictures. In the 1940's he left Stockholm to move into a house in Utterbyn, near Torsby, that he had disigned himself and then furnished in an ingeniosly creative way. The interior is filled with sculpures, illustrations and paintings from ceiling to floor, and include a sculpure of the woman in "Tusen och en natt", a wooden chest with Scandinavian mythology carved into its lid and walls. It also has a flower room with a pond made of cobblestones, a dripstone cave and a naked water sprite painted on the wall.

Bovil had his drawing and painting studio upstairs, along with his woodwork workshop. Much of what he drew can be seen here. It is a fantastic journey in the life of a creative artist. Bo Vilson died just 39 years old.


Bovil was a good comic-strip artist. I remember "Tusen och en natt" and "Flygkamraterna" that I enjoyed as a child", says Lasse Åberg, artist and actor.

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